What is Companion Care Training?

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What is Companion Care Training?

“At Home Companion”, a leading provider of in-home companionship care in southern New Jersey offers services in nine Bergen communities throughout North Bergen. Services are designed to give our residents the assistance they need in a caring, compassionate and professional manner. Our experienced team of skilled and caring licensed professionals are committed to providing our residents with a comprehensive range of services designed to make their stay with us a positive experience. Services provided by our caregivers include personal care and general activities of a caregiver, emotional support and guidance, safety and security of our residents, care of the elderly in their homes, and daily tasks of a companion.

“At Home Companion Services offers care in Bergen, NJ including part-time and full time services.” Services offered include home health maintenance, emotional support and guidance, safety and security of our residents, care of the elderly in their homes, and daily activities of a companion. This company prides itself in offering personalized patient care, a nurturing atmosphere for our clients and a professional approach to in-home care. Services provided by our caring, compassionate team include but are not limited to; home health care, medical assistance, companion care, home health aide, companion service, and home health aide.

“At Home Companion Services offers a full range of companion care services in the Bergen area, including medical assistance, medical care, home health maintenance, emotional support and guidance, safety and security of our residents, and personal care by licensed professional care aides.” Services offered by our caring, compassionate team of home health aides include but are not limited to; home health aide, medical assistant, medical support, elder care, home health technician, and home health care provider. The mission of this company is to offer personalized patient care, medical and therapeutic support, and educational opportunities to our elderly loved ones. We are also here to provide you with the best home care possible.

The goal of our in home care program is to make your stay in the comfort of your own home as comfortable as possible. Our team provides personal support workers who are trained in CPR, first aid, and other life saving techniques. They are there to listen to you and give you love and support.

Other services we offer include; errands, grocery shopping, errands around the neighborhood, shopping, housekeeping, and laundry. Companion care makes life more enjoyable for your elderly loved one. If you would like to live-in care but don’t want the added expense of an in home caregiver then Companion care can provide that option for you. Live-in caregivers are paid on a contracted basis and are not insurance for any type of treatment. However, you will receive a well thought out plan for their care that is tailored just for them.

Whether you need help cleaning the home or helping make dinner, our companions will provide a caring and compassionate presence in your family. At our facility elderly care workers are trained and certified in all areas of elder care. We strive to match your specific needs to the most appropriate companion. Companion care is an exciting and rewarding option for your elderly loved one.

Your elderly parent may be having difficulties at home due to an illness or disease, or they may be experiencing memory loss or dementia. They may be receiving care at a facility such as a nursing home or assisted living home. Many times, these individuals have a difficult time remembering personal care tasks and the tasks needed to maintain their home. Companion care is designed to increase your elderly loved one’s daily ability to enjoy living in his or her home. Our caregivers are trained in various tasks that allow them to help your parent to live independently.

This course is available to all learners, of all educational backgrounds. This is a helpful and enlightening training that teaches you how to assist your parents with daily personal care tasks, like bathing, dressing, eating, and more.

Companion care is a service in which trained and certified homecare workers provide personal care services to elderly people in their home or place of residence. These services include: personal care assistance, emotional and psychiatric support, maintenance of home environment, shopping and errands, transportation. This course is designed to help you prepare and provide all of the services needed in your parent’s home to ensure that they are comfortable, happy, and in control of their daily life. The course is completed in four sessions. Students will receive an on-the-job hands-on practice in the field.