How Companion Care Services Can Help You Live Better

“Home Companion Services, in Port Jefferson Station, NY offers home companion services, residential care in a variety of environments, professional assistance, and independent living services to meet the unique needs of our community. Whether you need personalized services that provide an array of services tailored to your unique situation, we can help. Our mission is to make the experience of living with an aging family a rewarding one, while helping our communities grow. Our mission is to provide the highest level of care for our community’s most vulnerable citizens.” – Anne Coughlin, Director of Senior Services

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“The top trend in assisted living today is the growth of full-service home care. It’s a growing industry that provides expert care in many areas of care from emotional health to safety and custodial care. A few of the services provided at our facility include: Adult day care/medical care, home health aide, disability/handicap support, elder care management, geriatric support, home health aide, partial/full nursing care, respite care, home care coordination and referral, home health aide, home medical aide, companion care provider and transcription.” – Karen Gaffney, Executive Director of ALCO Nursing Homes ” Manor Care in East Hanley, NJ gives the opportunity to work with both adults and their children. Our programs have a comprehensive range of services including full-service home care programs, residential home care programs, individual and senior care services, after-care programs and much more.”

” caregiver support groups provide the means for caregivers and loved ones to address common issues, learn new skills, and bond over the common challenges of caring for older people. Through these support groups, caregivers gain new confidence in their own capacity as well as an opportunity to share experiences and learn new skills. Additionally, caregivers can make connections and build enduring relationships with other caregivers and their loved ones.”

” caregiver support groups are a unique way to provide the expertise needed by aging seniors and their caregivers. These groups enable seniors to discuss everything from common concerns such as bathroom habits and eating, to more challenging issues, such as medication or concerns about geriatric care. Through this structured environment, caregivers gain new confidence in their own capacities as well as the ability to better manage the needs of their aging loved ones. It also provides a safe space in which caregivers can express their fears and concerns.” – Dr. Mary Nelson, Senior Director of Medical Services at St. Joseph’s Healthcare in New York City. “St. Joseph’s Healthcare has been an excellent partner in providing quality care and taking steps to ensure all of our seniors are comfortable and feel welcome here. Our assisted living community provides the ultimate ‘anchor’ to our senior community, offering opportunities to explore and expand the many activities, adventures, and social gatherings, all while remaining secure and independent.”

“There are numerous benefits to hiring an in-home caregiver to provide household support. Some of the benefits include having consistent support that can change depending on your loved ones’ needs and situations. The caregiver can become a friend instead of just a housekeeper, and they can take a back seat when it comes to caring for the senior. There are a number of services in which the in-home caregiver is valuable such as housekeeping, companionship, physical care, laundry assistance, transportation, bathing and dressing, and errand assistance.” – Pam Johnson, Executive Vice President of A.S. Best (the parent company of A.S. Best Insurance Company.)

“A benefit of living in an assisted living home is the variety of services and amenities that seniors can use including access to fitness facilities, meals, showers and laundry facilities, shopping centers and social activities. When seniors decide to stay in their own homes, they have to learn to manage their personal finances, including budgeting, since it may be difficult adjusting to life in an assisted living home. In addition, many seniors who live independently choose to stay in their homes because they love the independence and do not wish to be alone.” – Karen Atkins, Certified Senior Consumer Services Specialist, The Ohio State Department of Aging.

Companion care services refer to services and programs that help seniors with activities of daily living (ADL) such as bathing, dressing, eating, using the telephone, and walking. This can be especially helpful for seniors that don’t want to be alone or that have trouble getting around the house or neighborhood. Companion care services can provide the elderly with the help they need to continue living independently and can be a wonderful way to provide independence for seniors that live alone or are lonely. For example, companion care services can provide companionship, transportation, shopping assistance, housekeeping assistance and emergency assistance.

Companion care services can be very affordable, depending on what level of service you need. Some of the services include housekeeping assistance for the senior at the apartment complex, which could include light cleaning, vacuuming, dusting and laundry, housekeeping services for apartment dwellers, transportation to appointments and doctor’s visits, shopping assistance, meals, and medical accompaniment such as CPR training. There are also agencies that offer senior legal support, legal documents and other assistance for seniors that live alone or need independent living assistance. This type of help is a very valuable service to seniors that want to remain in their own home and don’t want to be left out in the cold.