Review of the Allegiant Home Care Company Provides Full-Service Private Duty Home Care That Is Customized For Your Needs

For more than 20 years, FCP Live-In provides Long Island Home Care with skilled, medically trained, emotionally and physically capable live-in aides who offer personal care, meal preparation, laundry assistance, transportation and supervision. This service is for the older adult with limited mobility who needs around-the-clock assistance. They provide housekeeping, laundry, transportation, meals planning and shopping assistance. They are available all day, every day. This ensures that the senior in your home will have someone there to assist them with daily activities.

home companion services

In home companion services provide senior home care through skilled care aides who meet the needs of the client. These aides are highly educated and dedicated to their profession. They are fully trained and have experience in dealing with diverse elderly clients with various needs. Companion care professionals offer their unique skills and hobbies to ensure that your senior loved one is able to live as independently as possible. They are there to support, encourage, assist, relax and be their loving, non-judgmental partner. If you are considering senior live-in care, we recommend that you contact FCP.

Living alone can be very overwhelming for anyone. It’s even worse for the aging senior with a disability or illness that makes it difficult to move, eat, take medication in, or bathe. That’s why companion services are so important. Companion care is an in home care that utilizes skilled health care professionals such as: dieticians, therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors and more to work with their client to make sure the client is getting the best care possible. Live-in companion services can provide senior in home companion care for individuals who may need extra help because of a medical condition, are ill or disabled, are emotionally disturbed or are living in an assisted living facility.

Companion care has become an extremely popular option for seniors who need help but do not want to move into a nursing home or facility. Live-in companion services allow them to stay in their own home while receiving the same level of care they would receive in a nursing home. Companion home care services are available in many areas throughout the country and may include the use of a nurse-on-duty hours or full time in home care. Most of these services utilize the most advanced technologies, including: electronic monitoring devices, Video Scanners, Therapeutic Massage, Augmented Reality, Sedation, Lifestyle Training, medication management and more.

My grandmother, being a very fast reader, enjoyed reading anywhere and everywhere. However, when she had to go to the library to get something she often found herself having to walk a long way back to her vehicle to make it back home. One day as I was walking by her and wondering what she wanted to read, she suddenly said; “I need to read more!” She slowly walked towards me, opened the book she was reading and started to flip through the pages. I was speechless at the beauty of her work and how she had chosen her tome and the volume. I told her I would be sure to recommend she read it all.

A few months later my grandmother went into a hospital where she was placed in the Intensive Care Unit. Immediately, following this she was moved to a Part D facility. For the first few days, I was very nervous about whether I should ask her to meet someone who I could depend on in such dire circumstances, however, I was glad that she did. I told her that I felt I could trust her and asked her to talk about working with someone who makes many reviews, but since I felt like I needed to write one myself, so I decided to write about working with another in home agency since I had.

My grandmother had mentioned meeting someone in a care home who handles companionship services for older adults. So, I went ahead and contacted her in that very home in order to arrange an interview with the caretaker. I explained to her that I was a recovering writer, and that I wanted to interview the caregiver in order to get a first hand experience on how effective the handmaidens actually are. After the interview I asked her if she would mind if I wrote about her experience in the same publication.

The Handmaidens provided excellent support for my grandmother while she was in the hospital. As an elderly woman myself, I appreciated the fact that the company provides full-service private duty home care that is customized to your specific needs, allowing you to stay in your own home where you can maintain full independence. When I visited them the next day, they were very excited to see me and they told me that the Handmaidens were very happy to be working with such a wonderful company. After taking some time to think about it, I decided to write this testimonial for them: