Companion Caregivers and Live-In Caregivers

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Companion Caregivers and Live-In Caregivers

“At Home Companions offers consistent, personalized care in a cozy, loving environment. Our caring community is committed to giving its clients a warm, personal, and supportive environment to create lasting relationships. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for our client families while helping them become independent and well adjusted.”

“At Home Companion provides exceptional care in Northern NJ, predominantly in Bergen, Passaic, and Essex County. Services provided range from home health care to home maintenance/handicap assistance to medical and mental care. Services are offered by trained and professionally trained home companions who provide individualized, comprehensive care tailored to meet the unique needs of our client families. We provide superior services to our valued clients, who understand the value of caring for their family.

“I have enjoyed having my companion care companion around the home more than once. It has made home life a little easier. He brings me a smile, a shoulder to lean on, and he gets me excited about life. There are some wonderful people in this world that deserve to be forgotten, but my companion in senior care has made it his priority to make sure that all of those forgotten ones are resting in peace.”

“My father had a stroke which left him confined to a wheelchair. I used to visit him four or five times a week. I also took his temperature at home so that he would not get dehydrated. Unfortunately, he became too weak from the medications to be able to care for himself. I began to think that home companionship was the best thing that we could do for him.”

“Having my elderly mother in home provided a sense of peace. She could visit with her beloved grandchild three or four times during the week, instead of once a week as she had been doing. I am very grateful for the many years that my mother has had access to home care services.” -Debra

“Although I am retired, I am still very active and take pleasure in spending time with my grandchildren. During one of my visits, my son noticed that I was holding my grandchild’s hand. I asked him why he did that and he told me that he always wanted to show his gratitude to his mom for taking care of him even when he was little. I found out later that my grandmother is a licensed home care aide and the caretaker for her grandchildren. Her help and love have enabled my son to develop lifelong relationships with all of his grandchildren.”

“A home care agency was wonderful! My mother-in-law prepared the meals, took care of any emergencies, picked up my personal care products when I was in need, took care of the laundry and gave me a small amount of money when I didn’t have much. We are very blessed to have this resource for our elderly family members.” -Jane

Care for seniors by professionals at home may be challenging for some caregivers. There are many benefits to caring for your elderly loved ones at home. Home health care gives senior citizens a sense of security and a sense of independence. It relieves stress, makes life less stressful and offers the senior a chance to remain independent. Although it can become difficult to care for a senior at home due to their unique needs, these are just a few benefits of non medical care.

“My husband and I entered into a contract with a home health care provider to provide services for our senior mother. Our agreement covers not only her medical care, but also services including housekeeping, helping around the home, exercising and transportation for her medications. Being live-in caregivers, we received emotional support from our senior mom and learned how to work as a team. She had three rooms to work in; she needed help getting in and out of bed, help preparing food, getting dressed and taking medication. She fell asleep in our bed, helped cook dinner and generally just had more time to herself.”

“I definitely benefited from home health care. My mother was a bit older than we are now, but she still did a lot of things for us that we could not do for ourselves. She loved our dad, took care of our kids, washed his clothes and cooked his meals. We never realized how much help she actually was until we started talking about looking for care services. It turned out that our dad wasn’t really that important – he was just the logistics keeper and the emotional support.

These are just a few examples of the ways companion care can make life easier for senior living. There are many benefits to living with a companion as opposed to senior living alone. As you think about your family and your senior living needs, you may be pleasantly surprised at all the things you’ll learn by having a companion to call on when you need help. Good luck!”