Lowering cost per click on Adwords is something everyone wants right? It's always better to get the traffic cheaper. The big question is how! There are many ways to do it but one Of the biggest ways is split testing ads.

Why would testing ads against each other help with how much you pay per click? Because of the system google has in place. It's designed to reward you for good behavior so to speak. It's kind of like this... They have something called a quality score. This quality score is determined by several factors including your click through rate, keyword relevance to your ads, your landing page relevance to your ads and keywords, etc. The higher quality score the more you benefit google because your ads are exactly what their searchers are looking for. So, they reward you with charging you a lower amount per click.

That's a win win! And the great part is that the more relevant your ads and page are the better your leads or conversions will generally be.

So, I will normally create 3 ads per ad group and let them run with an even amount of traffic to see which gets the best CTR or click through rate. Then, at set intervals I'll keep the best ad and replace the other 2 and continue testing. This way you are always improving your ad quality and effectively lowering your CPC.

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