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“Home Companion Services” describes an emerging need in today’s aging population home companion care. The term home companionship is often used interchangeably with home care. Home care centers provide care and activities that are supervised by licensed professionals. However, most home cares do not have the specialized training or the specialized environment to meet the special needs of seniors. Senior home companion services provide senior home companionship with the added advantage of providing personalized senior home care, including medical monitoring and follow-up services. Many at home companions services offer intensive therapy programs and specialty services that can help your loved one live a better life.

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“Home Companion Services” provides services on Long Island & NYC. Excellent alternatives to traditional home care and skilled care are offered by home companion services. Options range from live-in care to supervised short-term or long-term care, depending on the patient’s need. We provide quality, affordable care wherever it’s needed; at home, in a nursing home, senior living facility, rehabilitation center, or hospital.

“Home Companion Services” is the latest offering from Home Companion Services. We are a small agency of personnel dedicated to providing consistent senior care to our clients. We serve the entire communities of Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens & NYC. Our mission is to match clients with suitable senior home care services, and to assist our customers in developing comprehensive care plans.

“Home Companion Services” offers full-time and part-time services. Full-time services provides full-time medical aid on an in-home basis, including medical insurance. Part-time services provides assistance in performing basic daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, using the restroom, shopping for food, and other personal needs.

“Home Companion Services” also offers non-medical care such as housekeeping, yard work, laundry assistance, errands, shopping, driving/parcel assistance, shopping for medications, preparing meals, transportation, walking, and companionship. It is possible to become severely handicapped or completely elderly. No matter what stage of life you’re at, we can help you achieve independence. “At Home Companion Services” staff are extremely caring and diligent. They are committed to making your stay at home as comfortable as possible.

As a member of this agency you will have access to the latest medical technologies and equipment. You will be assigned a highly qualified aide to assist with basic tasks. The aide will perform the necessary tasks for you and provide companionship, as needed. This will allow you to maintain your independence. All of the home services offered are in conjunction with your Senior Care Plan.

The purpose of At Home Companion Services is to make your home more comfortable for you while remaining as independent as possible. Members of this agency to perform all tasks that are required to help you maintain your dignity and independence. They are trained and certified in such areas as: housekeeping and laundry services; gardening and errand assistance; transportation; shopping and meal preparation assistance; housekeeping; and doctor’s visits. The staffs are committed to making your stay at home as pleasant as possible.

For additional information, please contact Home Companion Services at (800) 473-4427. We would like to provide you with the highest quality home care services available. We offer home care agencies in the following locations: Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens & NYC.. In addition to our Home Companion Services, we offer: at home medical assistance, home health care, home health aide, home care assistants, home care service programs, home health aide program, home care worker training programs, and respite care programs.